Behaviors Men Don’t Like to Meet


It is very difficult to understand women. It writes in every book, every movie goes through the theme. However, most women focus on themselves and do not care what men like and what they do not like. I searched for this article about what men do not like.

Men do not like knowing that women want a serious relationship

Men are more irresponsible than women. They are very afraid of taking responsibilities. They know how women’s feelings affect their lives. That is why they do not want to hear that a woman who has recently met wants a serious relationship. This is one of the most common mistakes women make on dating sites like Tinder, Club505 and Talking much about a “serious stuff” with a stranger is totally a bad idea.

Women who do not follow the rules of etiquette

Not just in crowded environments. Men are uncomfortable in every circumstance that women do not follow the rules of etiquette. For example, you should always keep the toilet door closed when you are in a toilet. Also do not leave your pads in the trash. Of course, you will throw your pad over. But it is very important to cover it with toilet paper. Even if you’re married.

Do not pay more attention to the material

One of the most important things that scare men is the stingy women. Never ask for a man’s salary. Or his house rent. It may look like you’re looking to find an upper class partner. Do not engage the man with financial problems that you experience in your private life.

Do not be jealous

The jealousy of a woman destroys excitement. One of the things that your man is most afraid of is jealousy. Jealousy lowers the quality of a woman. She points out that she has no confidence in herself. One of the things men do not like is women who have lost their self-confidence. No need to open a new title for this!