Bullying and its major effects on Humans


The definition of “Bullying” and some of its terms:

There is no proper or legal definition of word bullying. In our general life, it is defined as some sort of repeated behaviors that are only intended to hurt someone either physically or by emotionally. They are seldom aimed at people on the basis of race, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion or some sort of other aspects like disability or appearance.

Bullying affects many of the young people and especially children at school by their fellows. Being humans, we all have to make serious efforts to eradicate the bad deeds of bullying for the betterment of our children. Otherwise, the bad habits of bullying or being bullied will make the world un-peaceful. Bullying can take many of the forms that are mentioned below for your understanding. Have a look on them.

  • Physical Assaults
  • Making threats to life
  • Name calling
  • Cyber bullying
  • Teasing

Bullying and its major effects on Humans

What is meant by Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is very common these days just because of mobiles and internet. Bullying through mobile phone or from online platforms like social media to play with someone’s feeling either physically or emotionally comes in the circle of Cyber bullying. It is very common these days and we all have to take steps to nips this problem in the bud. Otherwise, this problem is creating many severe problems in everyone immature person’s life.

The effects of bullying on children (students):

There are three main groups that are being affected in the circle of bullying. The students who bully, students who are being bullied, and the last group who sees this process of bullying, you can call them bystanders. Bullying will surely create a line of fear and will make negative impact on everyone who is involved in this process. If you are bullying someone, then you are making them difficult to live physically, emotionally, academically and socially.

Bullying is very dangerous ordeal and it can affect person’s life that can last to adulthood. Person who is being bullied by someone can take you to the road of self-harm and the last one to get over the fear of bullying is suicide.

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Effects of bullying on bullied:

  • They will feel like they are disconnected from their school and lastly they don’t want to attend.
  • Lower results in their academic life
  • Their self-esteem is much lower than other people
  • They will become depress and anxious in short period of life
  • Nightmares may come in their dreams

 Effects of bullying on the Bullies:

  • They will have much lower self-esteem
  • Having difficulty in understanding the proper boundaries and their limits in life
  • High level of anxious and aggressive behavior that will surely impact in their future life
  • They will find difficulty in making good relationships
  • Difficult to adopt the environment of their workplaces

Effect of bulling on the Bystanders:

  • They will be reluctant to formally attend school
  • Fearful feeling and guilty feeling for not doing something good to stop the process
  • They will also become anxious and fearful
  • They will feel pressure to take participation in process of bullying
  • Like to live alone