How to Choose a Cell Phone: Buying Guide for Cell Phone & Service


How to Choose a Cell Phone is a commonly asked question. If you need a smartphone now, keep reading further to get valuable information. There can be many conditions such as you want a phone for the first time, or maybe you want up gradation. Perhaps, you lost your past mobile. Read this article to get the guidance on How to Choose a Cell Phone.

Some things are must consider while buying a cell phone.

Figure out what your needs are

You have to clear your mind about what you need. Do you want a small screen, a large screen, a physical keyboard? Know your requirements. Think if you need Exchange support, BB messenger, or camera or you just want a simple mobile for receiving calls. Examine what matters most to you. This strategy will help you find the product well-suited for you.

How to Choose a Cell Phone

Choose an operating system

Then choose the OS on which you can operate conveniently or what attracts you. There is four commonly used option out there nowadays. There are iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone.

Go Big or Go Small:

Normally saying, the prepaid carrier from the smaller providers such as Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular, and Ting benefits folks with modest information needs and a bit lust for the hot phone of the instant. Large data users, specifically folks who need 3 or extra smartphone lines, will be happier with one of the big four carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless).

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Confirm the Coverage:

Big carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have cutting-edge among their rivals. They have all area nicely-covered with quick 4g internet service. Try the carriers’ zip code maps and some other resources to verify primary coverage. However, these references don’t consider small dead zones to your community or home. You must additionally make certain you can cancel service and could return the mobile if you experience coverage problem. For a few carriers, consisting of Verizon and Sprint the grace duration is a brief 14 days. They’ll charge you a $35 restocking rate, as well.