Despite The Offical Denials Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And His Wife Anita Have Divorced


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is well known for his association with the Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris has denied the rumors that here has been a divorce between him and his wife Anita Oyakhilome. Kenneth Achumasara, one of the officials of Pastor Chris, denied the viral rumors and stated mischief makers were responsible for the reports. He spoke with authority, and firmly stated Pastor Chris has absolutely no issues with his wife Anita. He additionally called the report baseless, and said there was not a grain of truth in the allegations.

According to Kenneth Achumasara, Reverend Anita will continue to hand the church agency in the United Kingdom. He said her ministering continues to remain current. Another official corroborated the statement of Kenneth Achumasara, although the official did request anonymity. He said anyone who wished to visit the United Kingdom would find Reverend Anita and her children. He stated the couple was still together, and they were not dealing with any issues between them.

This individual has been with Pastor Chris for 22 years, and refused to speak the words that had been reported. He said he would never agree to talk to that type of a gathering. He added the Reverend Anita would be in Nigeria soon for a program, and said there would be an invitation for access to her.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

On May 28th, the divorce between Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife Anita went viral. There was a page on Facebook called Where is Reverend Anita Oyakhilome. Apparently, there were numerous church members who had become concerned due to her absence in the church. The last time Pastor Chris and Reverend Anita were seen together was November of 2013. Shorty after the news became viral, there were church officials who denied all the allegations and reports. They claimed the report was false.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministers to Jesus Christ’s Gospel, and is a man sent by God. His faith and leadership capabilities have grown to a global ministry. His healing crusades have included the Night of Bliss, and the Higher Life Conference. His attendance has been in the millions. The Christ Embassy Healing School is Pastor Chris’s healing ministry. He helps the devoted find healing, and speaks of the works of Jesus Christ. His faith, commitment and devotion have changed the lives of people throughout the world.

Pastor Chris is additionally an author inspired by his faith. The Rhapsody of Realities received world distribution, and is the most frequently read daily devotional worldwide. The devotional was so sought out, it was translated into 800 languages. More than a billion people have found their faith with the help of Rhapsody of Realities.

Pastor Chris reaches across the world with a Christian Network. He speaks to people of God’s will, and amazing messages of salvation. It is impossible to count the number of lives he has touched through his words, his passion and his faith. His satellite stations include the United Kingdoms LoveWorld TV, South Africa’s LoveWorld SAT, Canada’s LoveWorld, Nigeria’s LoveWorld Plus, and LoveWorld USA in the United States. Pastor Chris has used this medium in the transformation of lives.

Pastor Chris has embraced the modern times, and his message is also available on numerous mobile platforms. Atmosphere for Miracles is his flagship program, and he hosts this incredibly special programming to showcase the truly miraculous. Television networks all over the world air his program so highly sought after by the believers.

Due to the efforts of Chris Oyakhilome, the divine presence of God is delivered directly into millions of homes. This enables these individuals to believe in miracles, and to be the recipient.