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First of all, the question is what is a Hacker? A hacker is someone who manipulates the computer systems and by pass them to perform tasks for themselves. However, sometimes this manipulation by the hackers can be noble as well. Other times this is done for some wicked plans and achieve goals to hurt people or even used for theft.

You must be thinking about the stereotype hackers with the evil intentions. Well, this stereotype still exists and is called Black Hat Hackers. However, there exist a group of hackers which are not evil or in simple terms, they are not ‘criminals’. In fact, there are many hackers out their days who are using their knowledge for the good purpose. They are called “White Hat Hackers” and in this article we will inform you in details about “White Hat Hackers”

Hackers have three main categories. In the start, we discussed the first two. Grey Hat Hackers are known for doing both types of things or we can say they just do the hacking for entertainment purpose.

Now let’s come to our topic of today “White Hat Hackers”. A white hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into computer systems not with evil intentions but with an aim to enhance their security. They in short access their security. These hackers use their skills for the improvements of security at large and expose the vulnerabilities of the system before the wicked hackers which are Black hat hackers detect them and exploit them for their personal gains.

Here let me tell you that method used by both these hackers is same. White hat hackers works with permission. Security is the purpose they are hired for.

The skills of White Hat Hackers are for the benefit of society. Well, unless those of black hat hackers who use their skills for negative purposes. Mostly organizations hire them and allow them to test their systems and give them suggestions to make their system more secure.

Now the question which arises is why they are called White hat? And the other one wears black hat? Well the answer is quite simple; this term came after the western movies. In the films, the good guy (Hacker) wears a white hat and the other one obviously a black hat.

Academic hacker is also a type in the white hat hackers. Security of the system is their primary job. They are not fully into it. New and clever programs are the field of interest for academic hackers. They also love to create beautiful interfaces. Very motivated and it would not be wrong to call them serious engineers. You can also watch best hacker movies for your information.

Now let’s close the topic by the most interesting thing about the white hat hackers. Paid quite heavy, when it comes to money.  They have really awesome computers with some real speed and spend their leisure time in gaming. They enjoy their life because money is not a problem in their life.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. What are your views regarding White Hat hackers?