Cheap Prison calls with GlobalTel jail call services


It is important to be in communication with the loved ones who are serving various sentences across the USA. The penal code allows them to communicate with a limited number of their family and friends from the jail. However, the charges for the jail call are borne by the receiver of the call. Unlike the other calls, jail call services charge a premium for the calls. The rates depend highly on the distance you are from the prison.

 Cheap prison calls

GlobalTel offers a jail call service that enables you to save on the inmate calls without having to purchase another line. The company gets you a line in the same locality as the prison so that the call is charged just like they would if you lived nearby. When you signup for the service, you get a special jail phone number which does not come with a sim card.

GlobalTel jail call service

You send the number to the jailed friend. He or she then registers the phone number to the prison’s internal phone service provider. Whenever the inmate wants to reach you, they will call the special jail phone number. The call is routed to a number of your own choice. This allows you to communicate at the lowest possible rates in the market. You can now speak for long and more often without worrying about the charges. Your phone rings normally when called and the voice quality is similar to that of a standard call.

You will be paying for the jail calls separately from the service charges. The value comes at the cost of receiving the call. GlobalTel guarantees that you will get value for using the service. If you do not get value, the company offers a full refund for the time you used the service.

 What are the charges?

The charges for using the service are $45.99 for 90 days. Within this time,  you can receive unlimited calls from the inmate at no extra charge. There are no other charges preferred to the account. Moreover, signing up for the service does not result in a contract. You are free to cancel the service any time you feel like without any penalties.

If  the inmate is moved to another jail, GlobalTel will change the number to one in the locality of the new jail location so that you receive the usual cheap calls. The connection when receiving calls is clear, and the voice is clear.