Guide to buying furniture online without fear

  1. Know exactly what you are looking for

For example, my comadre wanted to change the dining table and called me desperate, lost in the sea of ​​internet options.

Calm down, one step back, please. What kind of table do you want? Format, size, materials?

After evaluating the things she already had and wanted to enjoy and set the style she wanted for the dining area, it was decided that she was looking for a round table of maximum 120cm in diameter, glass top and wooden base.

  1. Do a Google search using the description

Use the Google search bar to enter the description of the furniture you are looking for. For example: round dining table glass top wooden base.

I like to put a more generic description like; “Round table top glass” and search the images for models that please me until I find the perfect model. In this example the model that my comrade fell in love with was the “twig” or “twig” wood base.

Once we discovered how the market called the base, it became easier to search for stores that sold the model online.

We found the table desire in 4 online stores, in addition to similar models in the Free Market.

  1. Evaluate the options in detail

In the site of each store analyze the following characteristics of the furniture:

Guide to buying furniture online without fear and regrets

  • Measures – Are the measurements adequate for your space? One of the stores that had the table twig, sold only the top with 130cm, very large for the available space. In this case, you can contact the store and ask if it is possible to make the furniture to suit you.
  • Colors – Not always the colors that appear on the screen are true to reality. If in doubt, ask the store to send you more photos and a sample of the fabric or furniture material. Even if you have to pay for sending the sample, it’s worth it to avoid regrets.
  • Materials – Often a furniture that looks beautiful in the live photo is revealed, let’s say, a bit of a hobo. Read the product description carefully so as not to carry cat by hare. Make sure the solid wood base is even massive, for example. Look at the pictures carefully and look for reviews from other customers about the quality of the product.
  1. Time to Compare Prices Have you

found more than one store that offers exactly the furniture you are looking for? Then it’s time to compare prices. You should consider:

  • The absolute value of the piece
  • The value of the freight
  • The value of the assembly of the furniture, if any
  • The payment methods and possible installments without interest
  • Delivery times
  1. Investigate the store’s reputation

Did you find the furniture you wanted for a price you can afford? One last thing is very important before you take out the credit card: make sure the seller is reliable.

  • Search for everything you can about the store. Read the “About” page on the site and do a Google search by store name and if possible by the name of the owners or business partners.
  • Look for ratings from other customers.
  • Check if the store has had problems with consumers in sites such as and more importantly, how it solved the problem. Remember the logistics of selling products online is very complicated and depends on many partners to succeed, so problems happen. A good seller is one who solves problems quickly and satisfactorily for customers.
  • Check the return and exchange policy of the company and who pays the freight costs in these cases.
  • Make sure that the site is secure before passing on your financial information. A secure site usually has a stamp or certificate at the bottom of the page with a lock icon. A secure site also makes its security and privacy policies clear and has an easy channel of communication with the consumer.