The 2 Instagram Videos Downloaders you need to know in 2018


Probably after YouTube and Facebook, Instagram is the mostly used social media to share video online. People use Instagram to upload video ad GIF files to share with their followers. Following the Instagram acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has contributed a lot in the video and media sharing on the Internet. When focusing on video, many users can watch Instagram videos online but they cannot download the video as Instagram does not put in place a means to do so. So many people use softwares and mobile applications to download and save videos on their computers. In this article, we are going to present you 2 online Instagram video downloaders that you can use to save your favorite videos without softwares or applications.

Also, we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the web applications so you can better judge by yourself.

2- Download Instagram Video with

instagram video downloader

When you are looking to download Instagram video online, Saveting is one of the best place to go. In fact, with Saveting, you can not only download Instagram video, but you can download video from literally thousands of other websites including YouTube, Vidme, Facebook, Vimeo and many other popular websites. Saveting requires only the URL of the video, the rest will be processed by the tool itself. All you have to do is paste the video URL and hit the download button.

The advantage of using Saveting is it provides many videos files with different formats and resolutions. So, you can pick the right one depending on your preferences. The other advantage of Saveting is it provides support to its users via the blog, the help page and by email. Finally, with Saveting, users can download as many videos as they want for free. The videos files are in original qualities and does not need any intermediate server to convert.

Advantages of Saveting:

  • The web application is super easy to use, just paste the URL and hit the download button
  • You have choice between several files formats to download, so pick the right one for you
  • The web application is updated very frequently to correct bugs and provide new tips from the blog.
  • The web application could be used via mobile or desktop, the design is very intuitive

Disadvantages of Saveting:

  • Sometime the site is busy trying to find the download links, so you must wait few seconds before getting the download link
  • It will be better if the site proposes a mobile application as alternative for mobile users

2- Download Instagram Video with is another top Instagram downloader. It allows users to download and save Instagram video online without having to install a software or application. This web application is 100% free, easy to use and super simple with an intuitive design. As Saveting, this website allows to download videos from many websites and social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so one. With SaveInstagramVideo, you can also have a list of available videos with multiple formats and resolution or quality. This is very important for professional video editors who wish to have the highest quality for their video.

Finally, this web application is very easy to use, the only one thing you need is the Instagram video URL, the rest will be handled by the website.

Advantages of SaveInstagramVideo:

  • Super easy to use and most importantly free of charge. In fact, you do not require any particular knowledge to use this website, you simply need to paste your Instagram URL and hit the download button
  • Many videos files formats are available, so you have the choice to pick the most convenient for you
  • The web application could be used independently to the browser, the operating system or the device. It is onlione application and support iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy devices, Android in general, Windows, Mac or Linux. Whatever the device or OS system you have, this application will be displayed with the best appropriate design.

Disadvantages of SaveInstagramVideo:

  • Unfortunately, this web apps does not have a help page (blog, forum, questions/answers) to support their users. So when you face an issue, you need to find away yourself or contact the website admin via the contact page
  • Like Saveting, it would be good if this site has a mobile application version for android or IOS


Saveting and SaveInstagramVideo are very good video downloader websites. They support not only Instagram but a bunch of other websites. They are very quick, easy to use and most importantly free to use. Of course, we know there are lot of video downloaders out there, but some of them do not perform well, some other are not frequently updated, or even some does not provide lot of features and option like the 2 above. We hope this post has given you a clear view of those 2 web apps and we are free to review other ones in the next post, so feel free to share your experience and advices.