No, this isn’t a joke. Job scams are for real. They do exist and in fact are succeeding at a very rapid rate since many people are unaware of it. Mostly people need job and get too excited when offered one. They don’t ponder upon several points which goes in benefit of a scammer.

This article is based on job scams and highlights the warning signs which you should not ignore. Follow our guide and you can surely save yourself from being scammed.

The entire scenario is too good to be true

What does that mean? Firstly, the apparent company contacts you themselves that they have some job openings and you must apply. It’s like the job is being given to you in a hot plate which never happens in real world.

Secondly, after a short interview that can be on a phone, they offer you to join their company.

Lastly, the work load is less and pay scale too high. Where in the world does this happen?

What you can do is, trace the number you got a call from. There are several online phone directories where you insert a phone number and can know if it is fake or not. Click here to check for fake callers.

Unprofessional and vague emails


The scammer is never specific about job requirements and description. You may receive an email stating vague description of a job opening. No educational or experience data required.

It is a rule that companies who aren’t fake are specific about their requirements.

Also, the email would probably contain grammar, punctuation and other mistakes. Standard companies hire people to write their mails, keep that in mind.

You can identify a fake mail from a real one if you are aware of the job requirements which every company asks for. Read all about it here.

They ask for confidential information

Some scammers put up a really good upfront. Their emails are very professional and they have asked for all the essential requirements. Also, they have set up an attractive website of their company. How do we identify such scammers?

What you must keep in mind is that they are going to play you sooner or later. How? They’ll email you asking you to fill out a form where all your confidential information is required. Or they’ll ask you to open a new bank account where all your payments can be transferred. Refrain from following any such instructions. It is a scam for sure!

Here is a tip for you: before you fill out any such form, check in the website address bar; it should be https:// not http://. It if is the later one, it’s a trap. Be safe!

They require an initial payment

The scammer will ask you to purchase a software via which you can do your job. This is very common in online jobs. Beware of it, legit companies do not require any initial payment.

We believe that this article has helped you if not completely then at least to some extent. Stay save and don’t fall for any trap!