Stay in touch with your inmates cheaply with SecurTel’s jail call service


If for a reason or the other your loved ones or friends got jailed, it is good to keep in touch regularly. However, you will bear the costs of communicating to the loved one in jail. Among other things that will decide the rate you pay for the service is the distance from the correction facility. SecurTel enables you to communicate with the loved ones at a fraction of the standard jail call charges.

 How does the service work?

On signing up the service, you get a SecurTel Jail Phone number. The number is the lowest cost phone number your inmate will use to contact you. You give the inmate the number which is then registered with the prison phone provider as part of the authorized phone numbers he or she can call.

jail call service

When the inmate calls the number, the call is routed to your phone. You have a choice of using whatever phone number you prefer even your landline. You may change the phone numbers if you need to by logging into your account on the website and changing the destination number.

This service is billed once every 90 days at the cost of $45.98. This amount covers the activation of the line, applicable FCC taxes as well as the full service for the 90 days. You will not be made to pay any other amount to access the service. Moreover, the service does not auto-renew by charging your account. You must manual renew the service after every 90 days.

Lowest call rates in the market

You will need to charge the inmate’s call account for them to call you. SecurTel guarantees you that you will get the lowest call charges for your prison calls. To show its commitment, it offers a full refund if you do not get value from their service. You can use your special jail phone number to receive an unlimited number of calls from your jailed loved ones.

SecurTel offers you the option of recording the calls you make with your jailed loved ones. You can replay the calls for an unlimited number of times and record more when you wish. SecurTel offers high-quality voice quality and premium customer service to all its customers.

SecurTel is not affiliated with any prisons department and has no access to their rate policies. However, with extensive knowledge of the call charge trends, it can offer significant savings on jail calls all the time.