How social media tools can help creative designers


Social media tools for creative designers

social media tools

Social media offers a wealth of opportunities for creative designers. As a designer, one can take full advantage of the gamut of social media sites available. Having said that, the social media spread and usage has been revolutionary for the common person, with the evolution of free expression and acceptance among masses.

Designers can now show case their creative portfolio and project their resume effectively on social media tools to attract attention of potential clients and employers. According to a recent research from Pew research, about 69% of American population use social networking sites as of 2016.

Speaking of recruitment and selection, employers tend to rely more on social media profiles for assessing potential candidate in addition to their portfolios.

There are many social media platforms and one needs to take full advantage of them to realize your full potential as a creative social media designer. Some of the popular social media tools where you can make use of are – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope.

Popular social media tools

Among the popular tools, Facebook is the most used social media tool among others. Facebook encourages you to have your own brand page for show casing your design. You can also interact with the page users and followers and gain thought leadership. Being authentic and genuine helps in these interactions and you can talk about your story on how you entered the industry. A video or a pinned post on the top can help. The video can talk about what is unique about special about your designs and how you can help them more.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool and the audience is quite different. LinkedIn can be an excellent source for seeking out your clients as well as vendors. You can maintain an online resume of your portfolio and previous clients can provide their recommendations. You can post videos and images as well. Another interesting advantage is that you can prepare slides and showcase it on slideshare, which is also part of LinkedIn. You can make your slides available to clients and potential client prospects as well.

Another important tool in the arsenal is Twitter. Twitter tool allows you to build relationships with people who matter. Getting their attention through short attractive tweets is possible. We can engage with then directly as well. You can also spread the launch your products on Twitter for a focused reach. Twitter highlights the character of your product and work portfolio to people who can be key influencers for you and propel you to success.

YouTube social media tool can also be useful to produce and showcase your portfolio through short 2-3 minute videos. YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world gives twin advantage of hosting your video and giving the reach to a world of potential customers who are watching and scouting around for interesting design videos.

Embracing social media tools for your design provides more opportunities for you to find your next customer. You can showcase your capabilities and get an idea on who your next client will be