The Rare Designer Bag That's Always Flying Off Shelves

Whilst you bring to mind essentially the most top rate, hard-to-get clothier bag, the covetable Birkin bag most certainly involves thoughts. Whilst that’s true and it’s some of the key kinds other people can pay a top rate to possess, there’s in truth some other extra under-the-radar silhouette within the Hermès circle of relatives that flies off cabinets on the similar velocity: The Hermès Constance bag.

After catching up with Charles Gorra, CEO and founding father of purse mecca Rebag, it become obvious that customers will in truth drop severe money on the resale stage simply to get their fingers at the must-have taste—which means other people can pay upward of as much as $13,000 (particularly in a covetable colour) simply to possess it. “The hype is in the back of the Birkin and the Kelly, however their little sister is this kind of uncommon bag to search out, so the instant it’s to be had, it’s grabbed up straight away,” Gorra stated. Except its in-demand nature, it’s the design that makes it so interesting as neatly. Gorra endured: “The Constance is Hermès’s model of a vintage flap bag with a outstanding H clasp and has blank traces that make it extremely flexible.” So there you may have it.

With that, stay scrolling to try the Constance bag in motion a number of the boulevard taste set. Then, cross a bit of additional to buy a couple of silhouettes these days to be had on Rebag (there obviously don’t seem to be many!), in conjunction with different must-have clothier satchels.

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