Tips for People Who Are Going Copenhagen First Time


How much does urban transport cost?

The train, subway and bus tickets are charged for the distance travelled. There are five types of tickets:

  • Simple travel (according to the number of zones covered – the cheapest, for 24 DKK, covers two zones and is valid for 2 hours);
  • One-day ticket (unlimited travel for 1 day for all areas – 130 DKK) ;
  • City Pass (for zones 1, 2, 3 and 4, valid for 24 or 72 hours – 75 and 190 DKK);
  • Multiple trips (the most flexible, available in several versions, depending on the area coverage – 10 tickets – from 145 to 470 DKK).

If you only have 1 day to visit Copenhagen, what to prioritize (mini script)?

Copenhagen is a relatively small city, so in case you only have 1 day to get to know it, you can visit some of the main attractions. You can start like this:

  • Rosenberg Castle – Kongers Have Park – 10:00 a.m. / 4:00 p.m. – 100 DKK (€ 14 per person for the 2 palaces – this and the Royal Palace);
  • Citadel of Kastellet – fort, mills, statue of the little mermaid;
  • Church of marble;
  • Royal Palace – Amalienborg Square (change of guard at 11:30 am);
  • Vision of the Stock Exchange, National Opera, Black Diamond Library, São Salvador Church;
  • Channel: Nyhavn and Nybrogade;
  • Round Tower (3rd and 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) – 25 DKK (€ 4) per person;
  • Squares Gammeltorv (old) and Nytorv (new) – terrace with a fountain in the middle;
  • City Hall;

What is the average price of food?

Local cuisine is widely recognized internationally, ranging from meat, fish and dairy products to the traditional open sandwich called smorrebrod.

In Copenhagen, inclusive, is located the restaurant considered to be the best in the world, called Noma and as you would expect, requires reservation well in advance, at least three months before. The approximate value of the menus is 1500 DKK. Other restaurants known and praised in the city are the Formal B, the Relae and the Geranium.

For those who want to pay more affordable prices, there is Stroget, the main shopping street in the center of the city, a Chinese restaurant that sells the china box, with a special price until 17 hours, 25 DKK (US $ 6.00) some free buffet options for an average of 50 DKK.

Where is it best to stay?

The Latin Quarter, Islands Brygge district and the region near the canals are considered the most interesting in the city. In the vicinity of the central station you can find more options, since from a general mod the lodgings are usually expensive there.

The Skt Petri Hotel does a more sophisticated genre. The Hotel d’Angleterre is a bit simpler, therefore, more accessible. The Cab Inn chain is a good choice for smaller budgets (the most central being the Mitchell sgade 14). One of the cheapest hostels in the city is the City Hostel HI, with daily rates of approximately 180 DKK, and one that meets good location, quality and price is the Generator Hostel, where we stayed.

Tips For Going Copenhagen First Time

What are the main tourist attractions in the city?

  • Statue of the Little Mermaid: Copenhagen’s most famous monument, built in 1913 by a brewer based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. It is located in the citadel of Kastellet.
  • Tivoli: one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Its gardens are an attraction apart, such beauty. The entrance is paid for and the toys too but it is an interesting visit, which is well worth it!
  • Nyhavn: is the new port of Copenhagen, full of charming houses with colourful facades, bars and restaurants. It is from there that the boat trip goes through the canals of the city.
  • Rosenberg Castle: was built in 1606, by Christian IV, to serve as the summer residence of the royal family. Even today, in the attic of the castle, there is the treasure of royalty. The beautiful gardens of the king that surround it offer a beautiful view of the city.
  • Amalienborg Palace: is a set of 4 symmetrical palaces located around the Amalienborg square. Daily, at 11:30 a.m. you can see the exchange of the royal guard.
  • Christians Borg Palace: situated on the island of Slots Holmen, it is the seat of the Danish parliament, where all the laws are voted.
  • Kastellet: is a citadel with a very well preserved fortress, where the Church of Saint Albans (monument of the late 19th century) and the Liberation Museum (depicts the Nazi military occupation in the 2nd world war). There are also small, beautiful gardens near the statue of the Little Mermaid, with windmills and cannon statues.
  • Christiania: in the past it was an independent city, where people lived in a Hippie community. For a long time there has been free trade in illicit drugs, but today the place has become a tourist spot and lives under the surveillance of local police.
  • Gliptoteca NY Carlsberg: this is a beautiful museum situated next to the Tivoli. There is a delicious and famous breakfast next to the conservatory.
  • Carlsberg Factory: the museum of one of the most famous beers in the world, created by master brewer JC Jacobsen in 1847.
  • Rundetarn: is the oldest observation tower in the city. It is to the left of Stroget Street, next to the square Amagertorv.
  • National Museum of Copenhagen – is a beautiful and classic space of the eighteenth century, considered the largest museum in the country in history and culture. It is between the Tivoli Gardens and the small island of Slots Holmen. Admission is free and open every day.
  • Marble Church: it is a beautiful church located among several buildings. All made of marble, the walls are cold on the outside, and on the inside there are beautiful mosaics and paintings.

What tours are feasible to do in a day to nearby places?

  • Malmo (Sweden) – 36 km;
  • Roskilde – 38 km;
  • Hillerod – 40 km;
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – 40 km;
  • Helsingr (where is the Castle of Kronborg, the Hamlet) – 47 km;
  • Helsimborg (Sweden) – 56 km;
  • Odense – 166 km;

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