Top 15 Medicals Items That You Need In Nurse Bag


Top 15 Medicals Items That You Need In Nurse Bag

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If you are a nurse, you need to prepare all time for an unexpected situation. So, you need to have the right tools in your nurse bag to handle the unexpected situation effectively.

Today, we will focus on the top 15 tools that you should have in your nurse bag. It will help to make your nursing job easy and effective. The tools are useful for both new and experienced nurse

  1. Stethoscope

The stethoscope is one of the most important and common medical items that you need. There are many places where you can get a free stethoscope to use. However, it is good to buy a separate for better work. You should prefer a light stethoscope for better sound oscillation and comfort.

  1. Medical Reference Book

The medical reference book or a pocket dairy can give you quick information. If you keep note, it can help to know the right medicine or way to do a task in right way.

You can complete your task effectively reading pocket guides. So, keep the guide into your bag and read whenever you have time.

3 OTC Medicine

OTC medicine is helpful to get rid of pain during the work time. If you are having a long shift work, you can easily feel a headache or pain. So, the medicine can help to reduce pain so that you can work properly.

4 Blood Pressure Monitor & Thermometer

Blood pressure monitor and thermometer can help you to measure blood pressure and body temperature quickly. As a result, you can easily understand the body condition of the patient and take action.

It is good to carry your own blood pressure monitor and thermometer instead of searching for the tools. It will waste time and patient’s condition can be worsened by the time.

  1. Notebook & Binder

Notebooks and binders are important to keep record important information. You can note information about any patient, your daily workflow, and routine. As a result, you can easily get information of a patient later.

The report will help to prepare your day properly. You can simplify your work and improve performance. It will help to become an organized nurse.

  1. Smartphone

The smartphone has so many features that can help to simplify your task. You can use a good application for work schedule, managing task and alarm for a patient checkup. Moreover, it will also help to communicate with others quickly.

  1. Writing Pad & accessories

Writing pad, pen, and other accessories are a must. They will help to keep tracking your tasks and write notes. As a result, it will help to do your task properly and improve your performance.

  1. Tourniquet

The tourniquet is not important but it can be a lifesaver for an emergency situation. Therefore, you should have one tourniquet in your bag for an emergency.

  1. Bandages, medical tape, and scissors

Bandages, medical tape and scissor are common things that a nurse needs. Keep them in your nurse bag so that you can use whenever you need.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is must to keep your hands clean. Otherwise, germs can easily get infect to your patients and you. Use the hand sanitizer whenever you touch something dirty.

  1. Medical gloves

Medical gloves can help to handle dirty things easily. You can wear and touch anything dirty so that your hands can free from germs.

  1. Organizer Bags

An organizer bags into your nurse bag is a must for a nurse. You may need many things to carry into your bag. So, you need to find the right tool in right time. So, an organizer bag can help to keep everything separate.

  1. Water bottle

You always need to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, you can keep a water bottle. You can also use iced coffee or thermally filled with coffee. It depends on you but the liquid is a must for you.

  1. Snacks

When you are working more than 12 hours shift, you need to eat more. You may not get enough break time for taking a meal on a busy day. Therefore, snacks can help you to fill your hunger quickly in a short break.

  1. Umbrella

It is an optional item to keep in your nurse bag. However, it can help you when it is raining or heavy sunshine. If you have a car for transportation, you don’t need it.