Usage and Formation of High Pressure Ball Valves


High-Pressure Ball Valves

The usage of high-pressure ball valves is very common nowadays in both commercial and residential appliances. It enables us to gauge the supplies and pressures in various appliances as per requirements.

Sometimes, we need to have a proper control over a flow of lubricants, oils, gases or water to avoid severe damage or loss. In these types of circumstances, High-pressure ball valves come into the play and give us the command we needed in such critical conditions.

This way, ball valves are on the list of useful inventions category and are used from a household pipeline to a million dollars industry. With the passage of time, usage of ball valves is on the higher side and the future of Valve industry is bright.

Two-way high-pressure block body ball valves designed for use as an on/off device in both hydraulic and manual applications, designed with block body in-line assembly in addition of an off-set lever.

Material Used in Manufacturing

There are numbers of material used in the high-pressure ball valves depends on the usage. Stainless steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Zinc, and Aluminum etc. are very commonly used in manufacturing.

Parts of High-Pressure Ball Valves

Below is the list of the parts, can be found in a standard quality valve. However, the formation of the parts can be different by considering the manufacturers and users.

  • Housing
  • Lever
  • Ball
  • Seat
  • Connector
  • Connector O-ring
  • Stem
  • Stop Pin
  • Thrust Ring
  • Stem O-Ring
  • Cam Plate
  • Snap Ring
  • Flow Indicator
  • Stem Screw

Pressure and Temperature Ranges

Mostly, the pressure and temperature ranges depend on the used material, used and size of a valve. However, the common ranges are up to 500 bars (7250 psi) for pressure and -20c to +100c (-4F to +212F) for temperature ranges. It can be increased by making alteration request to the manufacturers according to the necessary.

Dimensions and Sizes and Types of Valves

High-pressure ball valves are available in almost all dimensions and sizes in the market. However, for a Sub-Standard size, you may need to contact your manufacturer. Basically, valves are available in both male and female types in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way shapes. Additionally, there can be different types by considering the manufacturing style. Some of the common styles of the High-Pressure Ball Valves are stated as under

  • High-Pressure Block Body Ball Valve
  • High-Pressure Forged Body Ball Valve
  • High-Pressure Round Body Ball Valve

How to Find Suppliers or Manufacturers

Decades ago, there was a time when you need to wander around in the markets for your desired product. But luckily, The Internet makes things way easy for you to find your desired product over online market on kp-lok. Now, from a needle to a plane, everything is at your fingertips.

Same happened in the high-pressure ball valve category too. You can contact directly to the manufacturers of your desired valve or you can find it from the thousands of affiliate networks around. Just place your order over there and that’s it. Your product will be soon on the way to your doorstep.