Will an English Club Finally Win a Champions League Again?


It’s been a while since English clubs performed so well in the Champions League, usually they end up relegated in the group stages or barely manage to see the final 4th stage. This season all 5 qualifying clubs are on the top of their group, something that hasn´t happened in a very long time.

It might be too early to get excited, we are just half-way through with the group stages, but the future looks promising and at least two or three English clubs could make it to the semi-finals, and it isn´t that unrealistic to think one of the sides might end up in the final. The strongest possible finalist is still the over hauled French PSG.

Let’s take a look at how each nation’s clubs are doing so far.

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Of the 15 matches the English clubs have won 11 and 4 drawn, no losses. Success rate of 70%.


The Spanish teams have played a total of 12 games, winning 6, and drawn 4 and defeated twice.


Very weak this season with just 3 clubs, they have played 9 matches and won only 3 with a terrible loss of 4 games and drawn 2. One of those losses was the catastrophic defeat of Bayern Munich against PSG that cost them their manager. Dortmund seems to be on the wrong path as well.

To the Elimination Stages

Early as it might be, two English clubs are practically already qualified for the elimination stages. Both Manchester United and Manchester City have won all three of their first half of group games, with just one draw on the first home games both teams could qualify early to the final rounds.

Tottenham is performing incredibly well with one of the strongest teams in the Premier League right now. They might be a bit lagging in the local league, but on the Champions they almost defeated Real Madrid on the away match and now everyone is expecting a victory at home this week, or a draw is more likely which would be a positive result for the Spurs if no goals are scored against their net, the away goal they came with awarded them the first spot of the group while sharing the same points as Madrid.

Liverpool has an easier group to deal with and managed a record 7 goals away vs Maribor. The draw against Spartak Moscow was a great feat that keeps them on top.

Chelsea is a bit in debt after knocking a drawn on their own turf against Roma, now they must face the challenge this week of defeating the Italian club on their home ground. City will visit Napoli to try and secure the spot on the next stage.

This is a surprising outcome so far, after last season only Leicester City made it to the last eight last season on the Champions.

Why English Teams Do Not Win the Champions League

In the eyes of Steve McManaman, winner of the Champions League with Real Madrid in 2000 and 2002, he said it was because the Premier clubs rip teams apart after every unsuccessful season, While the top teams in Europe like Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG make small changes and maintain a longstanding ground base of players. Messi for example has been around in Barcelona ever since he was transferred for the first time as a teenager from Argentina.

That might be changing this season with mature squads in the Premier now with a full season of warm-up with little changes except for the better. Guardiola has smartened his defense, Mourinho has added attack power, and Pochettino has enhanced a Tottenham that grows with every game played.

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